Halifax Prep is the first ever Basketball Prep program in the city of Halifax based in Spryfield, Nova Scotia founded in 2017 by Naofall (Ming) and Stephanie Folahan. Halifax Prep students attend J.L. Ilsley High School grades 10-12. The students are regular J.L. Ilsley students and must abide to the rules and regulations of the high school. The school is a public school with great teachers and smaller class sizes than many HRM high schools. The school provides extra help for all grades, but Halifax Prep will provide tutoring as needed to ensure our goal of 85% GPA is achieved by all students. Mandatory study hall is scheduled four days per week.

Our goal is to turn the student athletes’ weaknesses into strengths, specifically with their studies, and give them the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom.

Facilities we use!!

J.L Ilsley High School

J.L. Ilsley High School is a Canadian high school located in Spryfield in the western part of Halifax, Nova Scotia. The school is named after James Lorimer Ilsley, a former federal cabinet minister who served in Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King's World War II government and was later Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia. The school opened in 1971.

Study hall

Captain Williams Spry

Our study hall is conducted out of the Captain William Spry centre in Spryfield by our tutor on staff Jessica. Tutoring is mandatory for all our student athletes. The facility has lots of resources at our athletes disposal, it gives them options to future their learning for once they have completed their homework.

M7NG Sports Company Gym

M7NG Sports Company Gym is the first ever Boxing/Fitness gym in Spryfield. Our strength and conditioning coach Tyler will have access to our sport gym; this gym is specifically set up to maximize the athletes strength with the help of Tyler. Our gym is available to the athletes at anytime of the day!

Pt Health and Wellness Centre

Athletes will be assessed quite often by our physiotherapist to prevent injuries. The PT healthy center is where Susan ,our physiotherapist will host all injured athletes and will help them get back to their healthy selves.

Spryfiled Wave Pool

Athletes will be using the pool more often in the preseason/ training camp than the regular season. It will prevent less injuries and adding speed plus strengthening the athlete body without weightlifting. The wave pool consist of 4-lane, 25-meter lap area, 15-meter diameter graduated beach area, waves from 1/2–1 1/2 meters,5 in-pool therapeutic water jets

slide, climbing wall and a deck side patio area. 


"After decades of segregation in Nova Scotian barbershops, in 1998 Tremayne Howe opened Up Close Cuts, Halifax Nova Scotia's 1st African Canadian owned barbershop but he welcomed people of all backgrounds & nationalities. Today Tremayne Howe has teamed up with Courtney Williams and we continue the tradition of high quality work." Fademasters will be the first Halifax Prep sponsor which we lead  our players getting the best fresh and clean cut. 

Our mission is for Halifax Prep to be one of the top basketball programs in the nation, while remaining affordable and not restricting recruited players from playing due to financial reasons. The ideal outcome is for all players to be recruited by top programs at the college/university level.

The players will live in Spryfield, Nova Scotia and be contributing members of the community. Volunteer work is a must! Any community event hosted by M7NG Company that does not interfere with your school or basketball schedule you will be required to attend and participate.  Halifax prep colors are black and white and  the team's nickname is the ‘Sevens”.

Our goal is to turn the student athletes  weaknesses into strengths, specifically with their studies, and gives student-athletes the confidence they need to be successful in the classroom. 

The Halifax Prep program will be part of the National Preparatory Association (NPA). The NPA is spearheaded by North Pole Hoops (NPH) in conjunction with 11 character prep programs across the country. Each program has a high quality make up which includes 10-20+ years in contributions to Canadian basketball, quality personnel and a proven track record. The NPA is a transparent, inclusive league designed to provide structure within amateur Canadian basketball at an elite level, while building culture for the game across the country. The NPA will change Canadian basketball forever, providing student-athletes an opportunity to play high level hoops on home soil, with an emphasis on development on and off the floor. Academic excellence is what the NPA strives for and the NPA will take pride in enforcing the academic standard, to ensure a high NCAA / CIS eligibility rate League games and tournaments will be played all over the country, providing student-athletes an opportunity to build long-lasting experiences and memories, while learning about Canada.


Halifax Prep in the 2nd Season Of the National Preparatory Association

  From season one to season two, the NPA has expanded from 9 teams, to 13, stretching across the country, including programs based in British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia & New Brunswick. Energy for the second season is building up with excitement, as fans from coast-to-coast will be treated to action-packed basketball from rising stars in the making, including Cairo Berry, Jaren Johnson and Brandon Muntu


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